Rebates may change without further notice. Please call 778-892-0361 to confirm.

FortisBC Rebate, effective April 22-August 31, 2013. Furnace or boiler must be 95% efficiency or better. Please call for details at 778-892-0361

Furnace: $800 (expired)
Boiler:     $800 (expired)
Tankless water heater: $500 still available

Grant program website:

Atic and craw space insultion rebate are available. Please call for details at 778-892-0361.

ELIGIBLE IMPROVEMENTSDownload LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program Eligible Improvements (PDF, 1.02 MB)
PRIMARY SPACE HEATING – Maximum of one incentive for Primary Space Heating
Please note: Heating systems may be advertised with an AFUE “up to” a certain percentage. Please ensure that the installed efficiency of your heating system meets the requirements below.
Contractor with TECA or HRAI accreditation or AScT Mechanical Technologist credential Furnace, Heat Pump, Boiler or Heat Recovery Ventilator system design and installation signed off by a TECA Quality First, HRAI Skilltech or AScT Mechanical Technologist accredited professional. See “Important Notes” on the back for details. $100
Gas Furnace or Boiler Replacement ENERGY STAR gas furnace 95% AFUE or better with DC variable speed motor $500
ENERGY STAR condensing gas boiler 90% AFUE or better $500
Zero Clearance Gas Furnace 90% AFUE $250
Air Source Heat Pump
Note: All components of each ENERGY STAR qualified Air Source Heat Pump
system must have a qualifying AHRI
number. This includes new or existing furnaces, indoor and outdoor air handlers, and heat pumps. If you are planning on installing an Air Source Heat Pump
insist that your contractor consult the
“LiveSmart BC Notes for Contractors” before purchasing or installing any
ENERGY STAR central system verified with an AHRI number, with either
a new DC variable speed air handler or a new ENERGY STAR furnace with DC variable speed motor
Ductless mini-split: one head in main occupied area plus one additional head on a different floor, ENERGY STAR or inverter-based system
ENERGY STAR central system added to an existing furnace or added to an existing indoor air handling unit $1000
Ductless mini-split: single head in main occupied area, ENERGY STAR or inverter-based system
ENERGY STAR single package system
Ground or Water Source Heat Pump CAN/CSA C448 compliant, new ground source heat pump installation that is certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition $2500
CAN/CSA C448 compliant, ground source heat pump replacement that is certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition $1000
CAN/CSA C448 compliant, new shared ground source heat pump serving three or more homes that is certified by the Canadian Geo Exchange Coalition One incentive per shared loop $1500
One for each distribution
system in the shared loop
Wood Stove or Gas Fireplace Replacement
to Pellet Stove
Replace existing supplementary heating system with a pellet burning
appliance that meets or exceeds the Washington State particulate
emission standards for solid fuel burning domestic appliance. For a list
of qualifying appliances, speak to your advisor.
Electronic Thermostats Replace a minimum of five thermostats for electric baseboards with
electronic thermostats
WATER HEATING – Maximum of one incentive for Gas or Electric Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Replacement ENERGY STAR condensing type with an Energy Factor of 0.90 $300
ENERGY STAR with an Energy Factor of 0.82 $200
Condensing gas storage type that has a Thermal Efficiency of 94% $300
Condensing gas storage-type with Thermal Efficiency of 90% $200
Electric Heat Pump
Water Heater Installation
Electric heat pump water heater with an Energy Factor of 2.0 or greater. Must be installed in an unconditioned space or have ducting of the exhaust air to the outdoors ENERGY STAR Integrated system $500
system $250
Solar Water Heater Installation CSAF 378 compliant. Installed by company with one installer trained to CSAF383.08. See Important Notes for Contractors for lists of eligible
systems and contractors
Drain Water Heat Recovery Installation With efficiency greater than 42% $150
Perform Air Sealing of the Home to Achieve Base Target + 25% $400
Base Target + 15% $250
Base Target + 5% $100
Install or replace mechanical ventilationNote: In order to qualify bathroom fans must be ducted to the exterior of the house. Install an HVI certified ENERGY STAR Heat Recovery Ventilator and a house air tightness of 3ach@50Pa in Interior/Northern or 4.5 ach @50Pa in South Coastal $800
Install an ENERGY STAR Bathroom Fan where there was not previously a bathroom fan $100
Replace an existing bathroom fan with an ENERGY STAR bathroom fan $50
DISTRIBUTED POWER GENERATION – A maximum of $1300 for any combination of new equipment
Through net metering, generate power via: Photovoltaic Wind Micro-hydro Fuel Cell
per 1 kw per 0.6 kw per 0.4 kw per 0.25 kw